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Monday, September 22, 2014

Consignment Sales for THIS WEEKEND!!!

This coming weekend there are TWO great consignment sales going on. The first one is the Just Between Friends Sale. They had one in South Jordan last month that I totally scored at and last spring I was able to get my kids almost all their summer clothes for under $100! 

The Just Between Friends Sale is at the Davis County Fairgrounds and starts on 
Thursday September 25. 
You can get early access at 9:00 for $5 or 9:30 for $3 and then from 10-8 it's free admission. 

The sale continues through on Friday from 9:00 am-8:00 pm and everything is 25% off and Saturday from 9:00-2:00 and everything is 50% off. 
So there are some seriously great deals to score. The last sale I went to I got things from BabyGap, Old Navy, H&M, Janie and Jack, Ralph Lauren and more. 

The other sale that is happening is the Children's and Maternity Sale, sponsored by the Hilltop United Methodist Women. 
It's at the Hilltop United Methodist Church in Sandy. You can find the flyer here with the address.  Last winter I was able to get Halloween costumes, winter snow suits, pajamas, games, toys, books, and lots of clothes for my kids. This was a great sale and they have maternity clothes too! Their sale is Friday from 9:00am-8pm and Saturday 9-2. 

These sales are great ways to get a HUGE bang for your buck and to score some gently used clothing for a fabulous price. I love a good consignment sale and I am seriously counting down the days until these ones start! I'd love to know if you guys find any great deals and I hope to see you there!!! 

Frugal Fashion: toddler style

I had so much fun posting about being able to create outfits without spending a lot of moo-lah 
(cause let's face it, I just don't have tons and tons of moo-lah to spend!) 
that I wanted to do another Frugal Fashion post but, with a different twist this time.......

Bam! Toddler Style!
I mean, look at that face. How could I not do a toddler edition?! 
Also, it hurts my heart just a little bit to call her a toddler and not a baby. 
Seriously, why do they have to grow up so freaking fast!? 

Little miss is on the move lately and not a huge fan of getting her picture taken so just know that bribery, fruit snacks, and fascinating grasshoppers were used in creating this post. 

This look is cute, quick, easy, and adorable if I do say so myself. I'm a sucker for stripes and the colors add the perfect amount of girlie for a day filled with outside play. 

 Okay, so let's break down the cost of today's outfit.

Shirt: Target (got it on sale end of season last year) $2.50
Pants: Thrifted: (Just Between Friends Sale, BABY GAP.) $6.00
Shoes: Thrifted:(Deseret Industries, BABY GAP ) $4.00
Bow: Walmart: $1.00

Total Cost: 13.50! 

For added reference I found these grey jeans similar/almost identical to the ones Annabelle is wearing at Baby Gap. These are listed for $24.95.
So at $6.00, mine were a total steal!

That's it for today's edition of Frugal Fashion! Oh and stay tuned for some more information about one of my favorite consignment sales!

Friday, September 19, 2014

GAME DAY: {fashion friday style}

Whew! It's Friday and you know what that means?
It means that Cents of Style is offering another sa-weet deal today!
Last week I talked a little bit about surviving this football season and here is something else to help you do that with some super spectacular game day fashion!

Oh goodness, these adorable knit head wraps would have come in handy last year when I was at a Utah game in the freezing cold and snow! Totally going to grab a one in red and white for this year! Seriously, I am dying over how freaking cute these are!

 Today they are offering 5 different items to help us all out with our Game Day apparel.  Knit head wraps, infinity scarfs, long beaded necklace, short beaded necklace, and a super cute graphic tee! 

The best part is that all items are under $15 shipped!! 
Woohoo!!! That's a 55% discount, you guys! 

Just head on over to Cents of Style and pick out your stuff in your team colors and then 
enter code: GAMEDAY at checkout to get your discount!

I'll be getting all mine in Red and White. 
Gotta support my Utes taking on Michigan tomorrow! 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

{ New} Eccles Primary Children's Outpatient Services Building

Primary Children's Hospital is simply amazing. I'm sure many of you out there have stories close to your heart about how the amazing doctors, nurses, and staff have cared for, or even saved your child.

While I'm incredibly fortunate that other than a few ultrasounds for my daughters kidney's and my son needing a future surgery to correct some over-lapping toes, we have not had the experiences in this hospital that some have had, but I am so grateful for this amazing hospital and all they stand for.

Primary Children's motto is "The Child First and Always" and it's amazing when you talk to anyone who works there how much this is true and how they all believe it and live it. I had the opportunity this week to attend an open house to learn all about the new outpatient building they have been working on for the last few years. I got to listen to the CEO of Primary's talk about the hospital and how everything that they do starts with the child and their families. In fact, Primary's will not turn away a child from care if they can't afford it. They have actually given $12,800,000 worth of charity care to children and families in those situations. 

On October 7, 2014 they will open the doors of their new Eccles Outpatient Services building, which will add over 200,000 square feet of much needed space. This is the most significant expansion of the hospital in 20 years and was much needed! In keeping with the theme of the child comes first, they actually took ideas, suggestions, and input from families while they were designing, constructing, and building. 

In the patient exam rooms, for example, instead of multiple chairs, they put in a bench. Mothers had suggested that would be easier for them to be able to hold and comfort their children.  And the exam rooms all of sliding barn doors to save on space.

The new building is all about discovery. There are soothing colors all around, a memory game in a waiting room, tablets, artwork, murals, and much more for the kids to play and discover while they are receiving care.

There is also a Kids Club where siblings of the patient can go and play and be taken care of while mom and dad go to the appointments and are able to actually talk and listen to doctors without the worry of their other children.
The Kids Club is staffed 100% by volunteers and is an amazing idea. In fact, volunteers really help the hospital and there have been over 60,000 hours of service given.

The building is just gorgeous and no small detail was left out. To the right of these stairs is a little pharmacy kiosk, where you can pick up a phone and video chat with a pharmacist about prescriptions and more. Prescriptions can also be sent back and forth from the main building. Kind of like the tube system at a bank, but way cooler. The tube system goes through the new skybridge that connects the main hospital to the outpatient clinic. I love the fact that there is a skybridge so that transferring back and forth is quick and easy.

 I also found out that the main hospital now has a Ronald Mcdonald Family Room.
(P.S. I found this out as I was eating dinner with and chatting with the CEO, Katy Welkie and I felt totally awesome to be talking with someone so amazing) 
The Family Rooms have a fully stocked kitchen, with volunteers who help cook, a dining room, quiet room, private showers, laundry, and 4 "retreat" rooms. You can use those to "sleep, cry or scream. Sometimes you just need to scream, " as Katy put it.

Guys, I was seriously so blown away with everything and everyone at Primary's. Down to even the chef and his staff in the new cafeteria. Which by the way was freaking amazing, I'm talking gelato, people. And a new made to order pizza oven. You will totally be taken care of there. 
There was so much love and sincerity in everyone I spoke to and heaven forbid that anything thing happens that will bring me up to Primary's, I will be so grateful to be able to receive care from such a fantastic place.

Thank you to all the staff and volunteers at Primary Children's Hospital for all you do. You are all truly angels and I am so grateful that I got to be inspired by and rub shoulders with you for a night. And check out that view! I mean it's amazing,

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


 I was invited to participate in the Elevate Promo "BEST.DAY.EVER." T-shirt Contest and I am thrilled to be apart of something so awesome! Elevate Promo is a local company from Provo that specializes in promotional products and you can even design your own apparel on their site. 

What did that mean to me? What was my best day ever? 
My wedding day was definitely one of the best. The days that I gave birth to my children rank pretty high. Buying a house was a terrifying but a really awesome day. 
But those all seem a little obvious. So I kept thinking. 

While I was thinking I kept wearing the shirt around and I loved the reactions I would get from people. It also made me want to make my day better. I mean, I couldn't really wear a shirt that is proclaiming that I am having the best day ever, if I am in a terrible mood! 

That got the ball rolling and light bulbs going off in my head. Why did I have to have just one best day ever? Why can't everyday be the best day ever? 

With this new idea, I started going about my days a little bit differently. I found that I was
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