Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fall Bucket List

Guys, tomorrow it is September! 
Oh my goodness. I don't know what it is but I am totally excited for fall this year! 
We've had quite a few rainy days and cooler weather in these parts this last month 
and it's really making me look forward to the cooler weather. 

Fall is just such a fun time of year. 
It's not too hot, not too cold and so the activities are endless! 
Plus with holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving we have 
even more reason to celebrate. 
One of my very favorite things about fall! 


I know, I'm a total girly girl, but I seriously looove me some football. 
In high school it meant that my Friday nights were spent at the games, 
down on the track cheering on our team. 
High School football will always have a special place in my heart. 

Now it means cheering on teams along side my husband (since being married I have become a Notre Dame fan and will always be a Utah fan), planning viewing parties, enjoying yummy treats, and hopefully making it to a few games in person! 

Other than enjoying lots of football, I've got tons of things I want to do this fall with my family. 
I've created a little bucket list of ideas to get me started and I wanted to share it with you guys to hopefully spark some inspiration. 

Really, I just want to spend time with my family and make some awesome memories. I'm lucky that I get to share my life with these people and I need to be sharing my time with them now. So here's to having the funnest fall ever and getting out there and having lots of fun! 

Feel free to pin this list to your boards for inspiration! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Are your girls Frozen obsessed? Get up to 60% off Frozen must haves @ Zulily!

I know it's only the end of August, but guess what: 
Halloween (and Christmas) will be upon us in no time! 
And I am guessing that if you have a little girl there is probably a huge chance 
(like maybe 99.9%) 
that they are wanting to go as someone from Frozen for Halloween. 
Here are two quick tutorials to get your little girl's hair looking just like Anna or Elsa. 

But why stop at just a hair tutorial?! 
Today Zulily has totally got your back. 
So now is totally the time to stock up for Halloween and (gasp) even Christmas! 

It's crazy that even my little almost 18 month old loves Frozen.
She sings Let it Go every single day and loves to get all 
dressed up and "pwetty". 
I'm positive that a full blown princess obsession is just around the corner so I am just 
going to plan ahead and get her some Anna and Elsa stuff right now. 
I'm hopping on over to Zulily right now to see what I can find for her. 
60% off is a huge freaking deal so I am excited to see what I can score. 
Make sure you hop on over to, especially if you've got a little girl! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

the wednesday roundup

Welcome back for another fun link party! I seriously die every week at all the creativity that is out there in blogland. Oh, and I always walk away hungry....hmm... 

We have some great features from last week, so be sure to check them out. Then make sure to link up your own awesomeness and join in on the fun! 

Our most clicked post from last week was #8 Latitude & Longitude {Home} Wall Art
Latitude & Longitude Home Wall Art
from Kat & Melinda at Home.Made.Interest
Kat & Melinda

Monday, August 25, 2014

how to get crayon off walls

This week it became necessary for me to know this information. 
My little girl, who is quickly earning the nickname "Tornado", found some crayons and 
decided that the front wall in our office area was the perfect canvas for her artwork. 
While I am wanting to do some decorating and updating in that room, 
she totally missed the mark for what I am going for. 

Don't get me wrong. Blue and orange swirls, with harsh brown streaks can be beautiful.
....but I'm looking for something a little more.....

I found myself without a magic eraser and so of course I found myself on the handy dandy Internet to search for solutions. While browsing I found an interesting idea of using Mayo to clean the crayon. 

Guess what! 

It worked like a charm! 

All I had to do was rub mayo all over the affected area and let it sit for about 3-5 minutes. 
When I came back I just wiped it off with a wet cloth. 
Seriously it was that easy. 
And don't worry, my house didn't smell like mayo either. 
As soon as I wiped it all up everything was right in the world again. 
So if you ever find yourself in a similar situation 
(and if you have babies or toddlers, you will...)
here is a quick, easy, and cheap clean up solution. 
You're welcome ;) 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday and Sassy Steals

 I have become a HUGE lover of moccasins for my baby girl. So you can imagine my insane excitement when I found these ones a few weeks ago for a STEAL! I'm talking like under $20.00 for the pair kind of steal! 
Well, today to my surprise I found that Sassy Steals, a fabulous daily deal site, has these cute moccasins on their site today for 63% off! Making them just $14.99!!!! 

 I already got two pairs for this fall for my little baby, but at such a good price I am so tempted to go and grab me some more before they are sold out! 
I'm thinking black and maybe silver.....or red....or maybe a mustard....
.......oohh, but the navy is so pretty too......oh and white goes with everything.....
AHHH! Decisions, decisions. 
But I better hurry, cause this deal is only good today or until it sells out! 

Head on over to Sassy Steals to grab your pair, and you can check out all the other good deals they have going on today too! 

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